La Luna will survive … thanks to you joining our sponsor-gamble project.

We have composed a collection of paintings and drawings that you can find on the flickr-page: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmVJ4VyE

By supporting La Luna you might be lucky and win a work of art that you choose from what we have on offer.

Every object has:

  • title
  • measurements
  • material
  • minimal sum (or a multiplication of this sum) you can donate
  • numeral indicating a number of slices

As soon as you have transfered your donation (La Luna BE92 0013 5509 2323), the next step is to send us an sms (0032 490 11 85 20) with your name, the title of the chosen object and the exact amount of your payment.

The chronological order of the messages (and not of the transfers) determines you position for the assignment of the item.

Example: one of the objects has these specifications: Spiraal 30×40 potlood op papier/glas €20/8

This means:

  • spiraal is the title of the artwork
  • 30×40 are the measurements
  • potlood op papier/glas is the used material
  • €20 (or X times €20) is the sum you can transfer for this object
  • 8 indicaties the number of slices needed for ’Spiraal”  to be assigned

If you donate 1x€20 you obtain 1 position on the list of subscribers. 

If you donate 3x€20 you obtain 3 positions.

When you are number 7 on the list, unfortunately you don’t win the painting, but you’l have our eternal gratitude.

However, if you are number 8, the artwork is yours.

As soon as on object has been assigned, it will be withdrawn from the collection, so it’s clear that this work is not available anymore.

Any lucky new owner is kindly asked to contact La Luna before collecting his or her artwork!

Don’t hesitate to support this project even if you are not interested in any of the drawings or pantings we offer. 

Every donation is more than welcome.

The collection consists in works of art that have been collected over the years, Daniël’s own work and objects donated for this project.

We wish you and of course ourselves a lot of succes and fun with this experiment.

Thank you for supporting us!

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